Tuesday, April 21, 2015




Name places at school and describe locationBathroom, snack shop, classroom, playground, music room, office, bus driver, upstairs, outside.

bus driver cashier, gatekeeper, gym teacher janitor, music teacher, principal, secretary. This is……., Who is he…? What dos he-she do?

lion, lollipop, lamp, milk, monkey, moon, farmer, fish, four, sun, seal sandwich, stick

 ( T: tiger- telephone – toothbrush)  (A: alligator – apple- ant ) (N: net – nose - nurse).

Describe size, big-small – this is big… this is small

Boxes, paint, paint brushes, tape, paper, makers, sticks, string, Doll, duck, door, elephant, egg, envelop. Guitar, gorilla, guy, octopus, on, ostrich, Be healty, be considerate, don´t be wasteful, small, big. In-on-under-in front-next to-behind-up-down-Hospital-dentist-grocery store- fire station-proffesons-dentis-gardener-farmer-nurse-salesperson-trash collector-firefighter-police officer-doctor-camara-cookie-underwear- cat- umbrella-horse-hat-in-igloo-black cards.

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