Wednesday, March 18, 2015

temas de estudio



Palabras con todo el alfabeto
escritura del nombre 
el abecedario 
lectura de palabras con todo el alfabeto 



sit down, stad up, get in line, tie my shoes, may I go to the bathroom, please? pay attention, let´s go, 
Greetings: good morning good afternoon-good bye- have a nice day-see you tomorrow. 

Vocabulary: bus driver cashier, gatekeeper, gym teacher janitor, music teacher, principal, secretary. This is……., Who is he…? What dos he-she do?

Name places at school and describe location Bathroom, snack shop, classroom, playground, music room, office, bus driver, upstairs, outside.

Numbers from 1 to 30, how many…?

 Values clean up! work together 

Sounds  ­F-L-S –M
lion, lollipop, lamp, milk, monkey, moon, farmer, fish, four, sun, seal sandwich, stick

Describe size, big-small – this is big… this is small

Sounds T, N, A ,P

 ( T: tiger- telephone – toothbrush)  (A: alligator – apple- ant ) (N: net – nose - nurse).


recta numerica 
numeros 1 al 30
descomposicion de numeros 

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